The thing about me is iHeart music - like i really do. There is a lot of photos i like to keep, but not keep it till the point that my device is OVERloaded so months later i found Tumblr. What i do with tumblr is snap shots or photographs of various artist that i like (and other tumblr people) and share it on my blog page. i was never into the whole uploading photo thing until someone dearest to me - showed me the interest you can get from this site. I go on tumblr everyday now looking for a photo to upload and watch to get my Reblogs,Hearts and followers. i hope people enjoy my changes on my blog with the photo choice and so on. Subscribe and enjoy my photos taken by me myself and maybe others that is from sites or other blogs.
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Friday, September 14th, 2012

Tagged:Orange Caramel NaNa Raina Rizzy Kizzy Lipstick
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